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Branch Lake Facts

Branch Lake

Ellsworth, Hancock, Maine MIDAS 4328

Area (acres):
Perimeter (miles): 26.5
Mean Depth (feet): 39
Max Depth (feet): 124
Delorme Page: 23
Fishery Type: Coldwater + Warmwater
Invasive Aquatic Plant Infestation: None known

Other Lake & Watershed Information

% 500-m buffer in natural land cover: 96
% 500-m buffer in agricultural land cover: 0
% 500-m buffer in developed land cover: 3
% 500-m buffer covered by impervious surface: 0.4
Number of dams on the lake: 1
Lake elevation (m): 73
Length of shoreline (m): 37,088
Shoreline "irregularity index" *: 3.03

* This index is the ratio of shoreline length to the circumference of a circle of same area as the lake. The index is also known as the 'shoreline development index'. The greater the number, the more 'irregular' is the shoreline.